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Whitelist CustomerSuccessBox Gmail OAuth App as a Trusted App in G-suite


Due to an increase of scope to Google's ongoing commitment to protecting your data, it is required as of now to whitelist CustomerSuccessBox Gmail OAuth App in your GSuite. This change pertains to Restricted Scopes usage.

CustomerSuccessBox Gmail OAuth app uses two restricted scopes:

  1. gmail.readonly - we use this to bring in emails from your connected mailbox
  2. gmail.send - we use this to send out emails from your connected mailbox

This is completely safe as each Customer Success team member authorises their own individual mailbox and utilizes their connected mailbox while sending out an email from CustomerSuccessBox.

This step is primarily required so that your Customer Success team do not land on "Unverified Application" prompt while connecting their Google Mailboxes to CustomerSuccessBox. 

In other words, if this is not done, each Customer Success team will need to use "Go to CustomerSuccessBox (unsafe)" option on "Unverified Application" prompt while connecting Google Mailbox to CustomerSuccessBox.

To learn more about how your Success Team can connect their Google mailbox to CustomerSuccessBox, you can refer to this support article.

Who's this for?

You are a G-Suite Super Admin for your organization who will be adding CustomerSuccessBox Gmail OAuth app as a Trusted app for your organization.


The following set of steps is a minor paraphrasing of  Google's official support documentation around Whitelisting of Trusted Apps (Step 2)

  1. Login into Google Admin Site as a user with Super Admin privileges
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Security.
  3. Click API controls.
  5. Then click on Configure new app and select OAuth App Name or ClientID
  6. Specify CustomerSuccessBox Gmail OAuth app client ID:
  7. Then Complete Wizard with Trusted Check.

Note: Make sure that the Access is set to Trusted

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