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Getting Started Guide for Developers


This article will help you get started with pushing data to CustomerSuccessBox as quickly as possible. This is crucial for your customer success/account management teams to start leveraging the platform to manage their account portfolio. 

What is CustomerSuccessBox (for developers)?

CustomerSuccessBox is a B2B SaaS platform which enables your Customer Success and/or Account Management teams track account health, maximize retention, drive product adoption, grow revenue and other customer success use cases. 

Why do we need your (developer) support?

CustomerSuccessBox consumes data from multiple sources to calculate metrics on various Product Usage, Financial, Support/Service and Relationship parameters. These metrics can then be leveraged to configure Account health and generate timely Alerts on Risk/Up-sell.

To enable this, your business needs your assistance to instrument your software/SaaS application to push product usage events and other relevant data to CustomerSuccessBox.

Sending data to CustomerSuccessBox

Are there any pre-requisites?

CustomerSuccessBox requires a unique Account identifier(Account ID) and User identifier (User ID) to build a complete customer view by pulling data from multiple sources such as Subscription/Billing, CRM, Support and Analytics and/or data pushed to CustomerSuccessBox using API/JS.

The same Account ID and User ID to be available in all data sources for CustomerSuccessBox to be able to map it to the same account. 

To learn more about creating Accounts and Users, refer to 'When should an account be created?' section of the Getting Started Guide
To learn more about unique Account ID and User ID, refer 'What should be the unique identifier for account and user?' section of the Getting Started Guide

Which events do I need to push?

Your business stakeholders (typically Customer Success Director/Manager) will share a document similar to this onboarding template. For data that needs to be pushed, refer to

  • 'product_usage' sheet for product usage data 
  • 'field_mapping' sheet for Account/User/Subscription data 
How do I start Logging User Actions/Events in CustomerSuccessBox? 
If you have not receive the onboarding sheet yet, you can clone a copy, and get the right stakeholder to fill this in or reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager to enable this for you. 

How do I push data to CustomerSuccessBox?

Get your JavaScript snippet and API key

  1. JavaScript snippet is available from 'JS Code' tab under Settings(Gear icon) > Developer Console
  2. API keys are available from 'API Key' tab under Settings(gear icon)> Developer Console

Using API/JS to for pushing data

Once you have finalized the Account ID and User ID, there are multiple options available to you. There are two kinds of data that you would need to push to CustomerSuccessBox,

  1. Product usage events
  2. Account, Users, Subscription attributes

Product usage events:

This constitutes login events and feature usage events by the users of your software/SaaS application. You can use our APIs or JS libraries to log such events in CustomerSuccessBox. 

Sometimes Customer Success teams require certain specific data points from your internal systems/data warehouse as well (for eg: Total no. of students if you are a school management platform, Total no. of projects if you are a project management platform). Such data points needs to be pushed as custom attributes - the on-boarding sheet will specify this. These custom attributes can be pushed via API/JS as well. 

How to create Custom Account Attributes?
How to create Custom User Attributes?

Account, User, Subscription attributes: 

These attributes are usually maintained in third-party applications such as CRM, Subscription and Billing in which case it will be pulled via CustomerSuccessBox integrations. 

How does CustomerSuccessBox integrate with third-party applications?

There are two other ways to facilitate this, depending on where these attributes are maintained:

  1. In case you maintain the data in your internal systems, use our APIs
  2. If the data is maintained in excel/CSV sheets, we also offer a CSV import. Reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager who will enable this for you
How to send and manage data in CustomerSuccessBox?
If you are using our APIs to push product usage events, ensure that the calls are always made asynchronously.

Contact Us

In most cases, you would have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your point-of-contact for any queries or assistance. You may also,

  1. Initiate a chat directly from within CustomerSuccessBox. Use Chat option from Chat icon in left side navigation bar
  2. Create a conversation from here
  3. Send an email to
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