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Email Notifications

Enabling email notifications

If you've enabled email notifications, you'll receive multi emails that contain all assignment, Reminder and Alert notifications with HTML and plain text copies of the email content.

Disabling email notifications

To disable email notifications for a project, you can disable the notification scheme from the project by editing the project.

About this task

After you have configured the notification service. You can use the email notification service to send automatic email notifications to notify you about the completion status of Baselines that you run.

Check or uncheck the box beside each notification to turn it on or off. A checked box means the notification is on and You’ll receive the email.

Complete the following steps to send email notifications.

  • Assignment Notifications: Receive an email notification when Task is assigned or new Account added to Playbook or Account is assigned to you.
  • Reminder Notifications: Receive an email reminder when an assigned Task is due today or Playbook is due today or Playbook step due today.
  • Alert Notifications: Receive an email notification when Milestone is achieved or Alert notification.

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