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Slack Configuration

This article will walk you through the steps for configuring Slack to send CustomerSuccessBox notifications to a Slack channel when specific event occurs.

1. Sign in to your Slack team and start a new Incoming WebHooks configuration.

2. Select the Slack channel where notifications will be sent to by default. Click the Add Incoming WebHooks integration button to add the configuration.

3. Copy the Webhook URL, which we'll use later in the CustomerSuccessBox.

  • Choose the action that will be triggered

Main Menu > Settings > Notifications > Slack

Webhook URL: Enter the Webhook URL copied from Slack.

Following events will be notified on the slack channel:

1.Account Assigned to Success Managers

2.Account Unassigned from Success Managers

3.Task Assigned to Success Managers

4.Task Unassigned From Success Managers

5.Task Due Today

6.Alerts raised

7.Milestones Achieved

8.Playbook Added

9.Playbook In Progress

10.Playbook Due today

11.Playbook Step Due Today

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