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Segment Prioritization


This section will help you understand how to prioritize the segments in the CustomerSuccessBox instance.

Who is this for?

This article is primarily for people responsible for setting up CustomerSuccessBox(specifically for those in charge of creating segments).

What will I be able to achieve?

  1. Why segment prioritisation is needed

  2. How to prioritize segments

1. Why segment prioritisation is needed?

Account segments are created based on business-level grouping. Depending on conditions defined for the segments, it’s perfectly possible for an account to belong to multiple segments at any given point in time. 

Health in CustomerSuccessBox is configured based on Account segments. So if an account belongs to multiple segments, segment prioritization will help in deciding which segment will be given higher priority, and accordingly, the health of that account will get displayed.

For example, if we have an account belonging to the Onboarding and Enterprise segment in CustomerSuccessBox. But if we give priority to the Onboarding segment over the Enterprise segment, then the Health score metric of the common accounts will be based on the metrics defined for the Onboarding segment.

2. How to prioritize segments?

To prioritise segments follow the below steps,

  • Click on the Automation drop-down present on the top bar of the CustomerSuccessBox dashboard. Then click on the Health 360 option.

  • Simply drag and drop the segments to re-order the segment priority.

Learn more about How to Configure Health 360 here.

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  1.  Initiate a chat directly from within your CustomerSuccessBox. Use the Chat option from the Chat icon in the left-side navigation bar.

  2. Create a conversation from here.

  3. Send an email to the Support team.

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