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Actionability in CSB| Tasks


This section will help you understand how to create tasks in CustomerSuccessBox. Tasks will help you define the steps you need to take to give a fulfilling experience to the customer.

Who is this for?

This article is primarily for all people who need to create tasks in CustomerSuccessBox to monitor their or the organisation’s performance.

What will I be able to achieve?

  • Why do we need to create tasks?

  • How tasks are created in CustomerSuccessBox

  • Creating tasks manually in CustomerSuccessBox. 

  • Who can assign tasks to whom?

  • How to manage tasks?

Why do we need to create tasks?

A process in CustomerSuccessBox can be broken into smaller steps. Each step consists of one or more tasks. Tasks help you to stay organized and on track. It will help you to monitor your or your team’s performance and take timely action.

For example, If the Account's renewal date is coming the next month and you want to schedule a call with the right stakeholder about the renewal in the coming week. You can assign a task for yourself to schedule a call in the coming week or you can create a task for your team member to take necessary actions.

How are tasks created in CustomerSuccessBox?

Tasks can be automatically created through different processes in CustomerSuccessBox. We can also create tasks manually in CustomerSuccessBox.
In this section, we will discuss the different ways in which tasks are automatically created during the customer journey in CustomerSuccessBox.

  • While configuring a playbook

When you create a playbook you can associate the steps within a playbook with various tasks that need to get executed as a part of the process. Learn more about how to create a playbook and associate it with tasks here.

  • While configuring a journey

When a customer journey is created you can define the tasks that needs to be performed while the accounts proceed in the customer journey. Learn more about how to define actions in the journey here.

  • While configuring an alert

You can also configure tasks within alerts or reminders that are sent across to grab the team’s attention. Using alerts you can create a follow-up task to take necessary action. Learn more about how to configure an alert here. 

Creating tasks manually in CustomerSuccessBox

You must follow the below steps to create tasks.

  • Go to the individual Accounts 360 page where you need to create a task.

  • Go to the Actionability section on the page.

  • Here, you need to provide the below details,

    • Task Name

    • Due date and time

    • Task Description: Here, you will provide the description of the task. 

You can use various formatting options like changing the font size, font type, etc. available to format the text.

You can also add an attachment to the task description by clicking on the Attachment icon. 

The formats of attachments that are allowed are PPT, PDF, XLS, CSV, WORD, PnG, JPEG.

Note: The size of the attachment cannot exceed 5Mb and you can attach more than 5 attachments to a single task.

While describing the task, you can also mention the name of your team member using @<team member name>

Once you mention a name, the mentioned user will receive a notification in their email inbox (within 5 minutes in real-time). The mentioned user will also see a bell notification in their CustomerSuccessBox dashboard.

You can simply click on View account or View task to view more details or edit the task(if needed).


  • Email notifications will be received if it is enabled in CustomerSuccessBox.
  • Also, you can send an email notification to any team member even if they are not associated with the account. But they will not be able to view the account or task as they don’t have the necessary permissions.

User can view the task details from the account dashboard or My Tasks dashboard.

  • Status of the task: It can either be 

    • To Do

    • In Progress

    • Done

  • Assigned to: Here, you will choose the team member who has to execute the particular task.

  • Priority: Here, you will set the priority of task which can either be,

    • Low

    • Medium

    • High

  • Click on the Save button to finish creating the task.

Who can assign tasks and to whom?

Admins can assign tasks for an account to only those team members associated with that account like CSM, Onboarding Manager, etc. While assigning the tasks admin must also consider the nature of the task and the role of the team member. 

Also, a CSM or Super Manager can assign tasks to their other team members associated with the account. 

A team member with view-only privileges can assign a task to a fellow team member but no one can assign a task to such a team member. Learn more about how to manage team members here.

How to manage tasks?

You can manage your tasks using the My Task dashboard and Accounts 360 or User Page. Learn more about how to manage your tasks here.

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  2. Create a conversation from here.

  3. Send an email to the Support team.

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