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Configure Health 360


This article will help you understand and configure Health 360.

Who’s this for?

If you are responsible for defining health, you are at the right place. Admins should definitely go through this, as it will help them understand Health 360, and how to configure it. 


CustomerSuccessBox helps you leverage the data that you are already sending and logging with us to configure Health for accounts. We breakdown Health into four key components - Product Adoption, Financial, Service and Relationship which we identify as the four pillars of health which gives you better visibility around what's working and what's not working so that you can stay on top of it and act.

We recommend defining health by segment. This lets you cater to the unique health requirements that each segment of your account will need. A customer during on-boarded phase would need a different kind of health measurement than a customer who renews an annual contract.

Health 360 allows you to visualise how each account in your CustomerSuccessBox is doing. You can configure health for each account segment, and define what constitutes ‘Good’ and ‘Poor’ health for accounts belonging to the segment at the time of health calculation.

Depending on the health of the segment, your CSMs can check the condition of each of the accounts and then prioritise their work. For more information around how CSMs can maximise value of Health 360, refer to this article.

Health is calculated daily once at 00:00 GMT and can take up to 4-8 hours to refresh.


You can access Health configuration from Automation > Health 360 in your CustomerSuccessBox.  

From here, you can configure health. We recommend defining health configuration for ‘Default Segment’ and then adding unique health configuration for relevant account segments. 

Health calculation is prioritised in a top-down manner on basis of defined health configurations. You can drag-drop Segments from left-hand pane to prioritise which configuration should take precedence in case an account belongs to multiple segments for which health is configured.

Health 360 States

Health state defines the available health value options for an account's health. We display last 60 day state for each pillar in Account view.

Health 360 States


How it is calculated


Customer is using the product regularly and deriving value from it. This is where you want all your customers to be.

Any account matching good condition only.


Well the customer is not in danger but there is still scope of improvement.

Any account with a valid health configuration defined for it, but not matching either Good or Poor condition.


These customers need your attention ASAP. They have stopped using your product and you need to figure out and try to solve their issues.

Any account matching poor condition.

Note: If an account matches both Good and Poor health configuration, we consider it as Poor health

Not calculated

These customer's health wasn't calculated or hasn't been calculated yet (created today).

If this health shows up for accounts which have been created for more than a day, review your health configuration and ensure that health is correctly defined. Ensure that health configuration for ‘Default Segment’ is setup.

Health 360 Pillars

To help you better define each of the health conditions in a more thorough manner,  you can configure 4 different health scores.

Health 360 Pillars


Product Adoption

Measures product usage and lets you define thresholds for good and poor health.


Measures the financial status of an account using subscription and invoice information available with us.


Measures the efficiency and the effectiveness with which the support team handles customer issues. 


Measures how frequently contact is being established through touchpoints maintained and tracked in CustomerSuccessBox.

Touchpoints are maintained using 2-way Gmail integration, Support interactions, Calls, Emails, and Logs for offline events.

As an admin, you have to decide what it means to have good or poor health. We suggest starting with a threshold that sees significant distribution between Health states for each segment, and then gradually increasing the threshold by adjusting health, as ratio good accounts to poor accounts increases.

To edit health for a segment, select segment from left pane and then click edit on any health condition: Click on the pen symbol (edit button) beside the specific health condition.

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