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AI Powered Retention Probability and Insights (Introduction)


Sheldon, our Artificial Intelligent (AI), is a system that learns from the behavioural patterns of previously churned and retained customers and helps you to understand their behaviour by providing meaningful insights. AI also uses advanced techniques to understand the correlation between Product feature adoption + CSM actions and Retention. This is what enables Sheldon to generate retention probability and proper insights to empower CSMs to retain their customers.

Who is this for?

If you are a Customer Success Manager (CSM) handling a portfolio of accounts, this article will help you to understand how you can leverage AI Retention probability & AI insights to prevent potential churns.

What is AI Retention probability?

AI analyses the behavioural patterns of previously churned and retained customers and based on that it assigns a retention probability to an individual account that shows the likelihood of retaining that particular account. For an ideal account with 100% renewal certainly, the Retention Probability will be 100. 

What is AI Insights?

To generate AI insight, AI model first applies advanced Artificial intelligence and machine learning models on historical data and picks the best suitable features from product adoption features and customer engagement. Once it has been learned, it evaluates the current state of that account. Based on that, it generates AI insights. This helps CSMs to get a quick overview of the account. It bubbles up the relevant and most important details about product adoption and customer engagement of that account, without having the CSM spend hours analyzing account data. It also provides a deeper understanding of the corresponding AI Retention Probability prediction.

How do the AI Retention probability & AI Insights work?

AI Retention probability and insights complement each other by providing a probability that helps you understand the probabilities of retaining customers, and AI Insights provides facts to prove it. I will help CSMs to answer the following questions:

  • What's happening with the account? What is the likelihood of renewal?

  • Why is it happening? What is going well and what is not going well with the Account?

  • What can I do? See AI recommendations


Q. How does AI Retention Probability work?

A. AI learns from the behavioural patterns of previously churned and retained customers. Based on that knowledge, It assigns a retention probability to the respective account which shows the likelihood of retaining that particular account.

Q. Does AI consider all product features for AI insights?

A. Before generating insights, AI first prioritizes features by using historical data and advanced AI. Then it picks top features which have a high impact on retention and provides insights on this top feature. 

Q Why can't I see AI insights and retention probability for all accounts?

A. If an account has a "Next Billing On" date older than the present-day or is null then AI model stops generating AI Insight, Retention Probability, and Recommendations.

Q What does a low AI retention probability probability mean?

A. It means the account is more likely to get churned in the coming days, and in order to overcome this, we highly recommend following ai recommendations.

Q What does a high AI retention probability probability means?

A. It means the account is more likely to get retained for a longer period of time. For an ideal account, it will be 100, and it means that the account will never get churned.

Q What if I do not agree or want to change it with the AI retention probability? 

A. Contact your success team, for us to consider your inputs.

Q What does “No insights to show” mean?

A. If an account is already churned or its “Next Billing on” date is null. In that case, AI doesn't display any insights, and displays “No Insights to show”.

Q I see insights on certain CSM activities and certain features/modules. What about the rest?

A. In the initial version, AI provides insights on user engagement, product adoption features. In a later version, It will provide insights on more.   

Q Can I guide AI in any way to show insights on certain features/modules/CSM activities?

A. As of now, there is no way to guide AI in producing insights on selected features but in later versions, it will be possible to do. Please do let us know if this is something you're interested in.

Q Are these insights current? How frequently are they updated?

A. AI mode generates insights every week on Monday.

Q  Are AI insights influenced by the health/alert or milestones configuration? 

A. No, they are not connected to it at all. In fact, since AI learns drivers of customer retention on its own, it helps you cover the blind side of your current configuration. Imagine a few key data points with a strong correlation to customer retention have been missed in the manual health / alert configuration. AI will catch it to make sure insights related to are bubbled up and AI recommendations are generated for the right account at the right time.

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