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Best Practices: Setting up Account Journeys

As a Customer Success leader, you always want your team to be proactive in your communication & actions with the customers. But given the limited waking hours that a CSM has, it becomes quite impossible to communicate right on time & drive proactive communication without any delays.

With CustomerSuccessBox, you can automate workflows based on an ideal journey that you have crafted for the customers. Not only can you automate, but it also can bring in human intervention whenever automation hits a roadblock. This can be achieved with a new module in CustomerSuccessBox. We call it “Journeys”. 

Journeys can be used in the different lifecycle stages: Trial, Onboarding, Nurturing, Renewal, Advocacy, Upsell. 

It is the most effective:

  1. To assign CSM, Account Mangers right when customer has signed up.

  2. To automated internal processes of enrolling an Account to Onboarding Playbook, Renewal playbook before 90 days of Renewal or enrolling in Quarterly Business Review every 90 days etc.

  3. To engage with the customer with the right communication at the right stage.

  4. Timely education, help, and reach-outs.

  5. Targeting the right customer with the right communication to increase product adoption

  6. To get the customer back on track if users missed any important milestones/activities.

And most importantly, though we are automating, you can always introduce a human intervention whenever the customer is going off track from the ideal journey crafted for them. 

The Journeys can be crafted for Users & Accounts Separately. In this article, we are sharing best practices of Account Automation, see the user level automation here.

Let’s see how Account Journeys can be implemented 

Read all the details in this detail use-cases sheet.

Sr No

When to use

Key Action


Goal to be achieved

To Drive


Onboarding of New Account

Send email+ Auto assignment of an Account to CSM + Enroll in an Onboarding Playbook

New Account created in last 1 day

-Sending out Welcome email 

-Enroll customer automatically to  Playbook as per product or plan they purchased

-Drip onboarding

Engage with the customer & establish a contact just after the sales is closed



Plan Adoption

Send email

1. Customer is not using plan specific features
2. Too many support tickets after Plan upgrade

Generate leads for right Upsell



Set up periodic meeting request with key Account user

Send email

- For QBR


- Renewal Discussion

Proactive meeting for Strategic Discussions

Value delivery


When you have added new module/feature to the product

Send email

Introducing new features with use-cases to a particular set of users

Onboarding users for new features



Engage with the right users to learn more and take specific feedback onboard

Send email

- By offering to take feedback from them

- By offering them beta access

Increase engagement with key users



Share product and service updates with key users

Send email

-To introduce new features

-To share policy changes

Increase engagement with Key users & introduction to new users

Customer Communication


These kinds of communication & workflows are must-haves.You can configure your use-case as per your requirements.


Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager at CustomerSuccessBox to configure  & to initiate right communication at the right  time.

Want to configure in CustomerSuccessBox now? Click here to see the configuration details.

Not a Customer? Request a CustomerSuccessBox Demo and learn various ways to build effective Engage with your users via Journeys.

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