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NPS data in CustomerSuccessBox

1.  User level NPS score

NPS score is always fetched at a user level and only for those users who are added to your CustomerSuccessBox instance. CustomerSuccessBox will sync the NPS score, the date when the score was given, and any comments shared by your user. All of which will be shown at the respective user’s page in your CustomerSuccessBox.

Hence we are bringing in 4 fields from an NPS tool:

  1. User email address

  2. Net promoter score

  3. Created On

  4. Comment (optional)

Please Note: NPS score will always be in the range of 0 to 10.

  • 0 to 6, we call it “Detractors”, shown in Red

  • 7 & 8- Neutral, shown in Amber

  • 9 & 10- Promotors are shown in Green.

CustomerSuccessBox brings in 6 months of previous score data for those added users in CSB once integrated with an NPS tool. 

To check this data at the User level in CustomerSuccessBox:

a. Kindly navigate to the Users under Customers and click on any user name and that will land you on that Users page. 

b. In the User tab, there will be columns in the column Management. NPS score will be in the default column or you can add as per your convenience. 

These fields are also available in the User index page & list index page with those 3 columns already available. This score will go in the timeline entry in the chronological order of the NPS date & not on the date we receive it.


2. Account level NPS score

Since Customer Success Managers, or anyone within the Customer Success domain, work out of Accounts and not users. Hence for the Account level, we will create a new tab called “NPS”, where we will show the number of promoters, neutrals & detractors, overall score, source of data, last synced, etc. NPS score will be a column when seen at an Account grid level.

You have the option to view your Accounts NPS, within different default timelines like This Month, Last Month, This Quarter, Last Quarter, etc. As per the timeline chosen, you can see the bifurcation of Promoters, Neutral, and Detractors to analyze user experience at a deeper level. 



3. Service or Relationship Health score

Understanding the health of the customer at various stages has become paramount for the Customer Success Managers and metrics such as “Service” or “Relationship” health of a customer are a useful metric for understanding their journey post-sales. 

  • Relationship Health - How good is your CSM’s rapport with their Product Champion? How frequently are you communicating with your customers?
  • Service Health - Is that critical ticket raised by the customer resolved? Are they getting the right answers to their queries?

To know more about configuring different health metrics in CustomerSuccessBox, check here and know how to best leverage Health 360 as a CSM, please check out this article.


a. To get started with setting up your NPS criteria on Relationship health, go to Health 360 under Automation. 

b. Under Relationship, you’ll get the option to choose NPS captured

c. Afterward, set up the criteria for that relevant health


4. Creating lists of NPS score

The "Lists" in CustomerSuccessBox allows you to create a list of Accounts or Users based on various metrics like Health, Frequency of Usage, Invoices, Tickets, Custom attributes, Relationships. 

“NPS” is currently available in the User list only. NPS score captured in <in, more than, less than, before, after, in between, is known, known> is <greater than, less than, all integer operators>  <-100 to 100 %> By <Not applicable, User Roles, User Personas>


5. Triggering automated journeys on the basis of NPS score

A customer success journey map lays out all the steps your customers take to achieve their goals with your product. It focuses on the customers' experiences and priorities, step-by-step, instead of looking at the customer journey from your company's perspective.

In CustomerSuccessBox, you can set up the Journeys in two ways, the Account Journey and/or the User Journey

Since NPS is mapped at the user level, you can trigger a user to enroll in a Journey, send emails, track changes to users, and set up a human intervention on the basis of their NPS.  Major use cases covered are :

  • if the user is a promotor, send an automated email asking for an Online review 

  • If the user id detractor, create a task automatically for a CSM to talk to the user & take appropriate action.

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