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Calculation MRR based on Invoices (Only for Stripe Integrations)


As all of you are aware, MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) is always calculated based on the recurring Subscription value. But if you have pay-as-you-go pricing & you do not have the right Subscription data, with the help of CSB, you can calculate MRR based on the Invoices data of Stripe.

How do we calculate MRR based on Invoice data? 

MRR formula = (Invoiced Amount / Billed Period Months)

Invoiced Amount = "Total" - "total_tax_amounts"

Billed Period in days = "period_end" - "period_start"            //invoicing period 

Billed Period in Months (Round to Integer) = (If less than < 30, then 1, else divide by 30) < Implement this

Months = (If less than < 30,1,Days/Multiply by Days in the month of (period_start))

Examples of Billing period calculation:

Billed Period = "8Jan2020" - "1Jan2020" = 7 Days

Billed Period = "31Jan2020" - "1Jan2020" = 30 Days

Billed Period = "15Feb2020" - "16Jan2020" = 31 Days

Billed Period = "14Jan2021" - "16Jan2020" = 365 Days

Billed Period = "14Jan2022" - "16Jan2020" = 730 Days



  • Invoice will be calculated only for Invoice Sent.

  • Onetime Invoices also get treated as MRR or Recurring Revenue.

  • Any Post Paid Billing will show as Pre Paid for future dates.

These MRR invoices will roll up in your Account’s Financial health

**Please note so if your MRR is invoicing based in Stripe, please inform your Implementation Engineer during the kick-off call to have this option enabled before your CustomerSuccessBox instance is created.

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