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Logging User Actions and Events in CustomerSuccessBox


Tracking real time product usage is one of the best data driven ways to understand who is getting value and who is not. CustomerSuccessBox relies on this as one of the primary sources of insights for Customer Success Managers to better understand the status of Accounts in their portfolio, to predict future behaviour and for Risk or Upsell Signals.

Why should I log Events/User Actions in CustomerSuccessBox?

CustomerSuccessBox tracks events/user activity received over time, and lets you leverage them to 

What are Product Usage Events? 

Product usage by your customers can be tracked at a Feature, Module and Product level in CustomerSuccessBox.  Events/user actions is logged along with the Account and User details for analysis

As a Product Manager/Customer Success Manager, your task is to identify and fill the events/user actions (Features) and their corresponding Modules and Product in the onboarding template

What is a Feature, Module and Product?



A feature is a standalone Event/User Action recorded/performed in your Product
Example: Report Created, Report Downloaded, Email sent, Conversion Event


A module is a way to classify a group of features. We suggest grouping by product area.
Example: Reports, Dashboard, Settings


Product helps with classifying modules and the underlying features. In case your tenant has multiple products, it can be used to classify the particular product on your tenant that was used.
Examples: Sales, Marketing, Engagement

Example: Consider a facetious Point of Sale SaaS application, let us call it 'MyPOS'. MyPOS application is used by retailers at their point of sales counters to close business. The table below will explain Features, Modules and Products

Item Scanned
MyPOS Sales
Item Invoiced
MyPOS Sales
Item Bagged
MyPOS Sales
Invoice Generated
MyPOS Sales
Invoice Printed
MyPOS Sales
Payment Received
MyPOS Commerce
Refund Processed
MyPOS Commerce
Loyalty program opt-in
MyPOS Engage

Why do I need to define Features, Modules and Product? 

CustomerSuccessBox logs all the Feature usage events by each User along with the timestamp. Usage is calculated by aggregating all the events/activities at an Account level or a User Level. 

Account Level: 

You will be able configure Segments, Health, Alerts and Milestones at

  • Feature Level:  Aggregates the usage of each Feature by all Users of the Account
  • Module Level: Aggregates the usage of all Features grouped under the Module by all Users of the Account
  • Product Level: Aggregated the usage of all Modules grouped under the Product by all Users of the Account

User Level: 

You will be able configure User Segments at

  • Feature Level:  Aggregates the usage of each Feature by the User
  • Module Level: Aggregates the usage of all Features grouped under the Module by the User
  • Product Level: Aggregates the usage of all Modules grouped under the Product by the User

Which Events/User Actions should I track?

Start with events/user actions which represent the primary goals of your Product. Think of these as the direct or best proxy for value delivered. 

Do note that not all events or activities represent value delivered and you should typically think way deeper than just customer logins. It might be okay to start with just very simple tracking of active users or license utilization. 

The table below should help you identify the high priority events/user actions that your Developers/Engineers will need to push to CustomerSuccessBox. 

Periodic repeated activity/events that are must for an ideal customer
Event that will be the best proxy for value delivered
For CRM: Leads/ Opportunities Created/Won
For HR Tech: Candidates Screened/Assessed, Interview Scheduled etc
Usually one time but important events
Various key product adoption events during onboarding
Data Import, Integrations, User Invites
Good to have activities, but Interesting to track, specially for Upsell.
Note that events used in Health definition can also be used to generate alerts, under certain usage threshold.
This could be an advanced feature
Upsell Alert: Advanced Report created
Risk Alert: Data Exported

We recommend about 5 - 20 features and about 2-5 modules would be great for the start. You can go up to 20 - 100 Features and 5 - 20 Modules for a single product. For multiple Products, the equation changes accordingly.

How do I Log Events/User Activities in CustomerSuccessBox? 

via API/JS Libraries

Fill out the Features, Modules and Product that you want to track in the onboarding template and share this with your Developer/Engineer. They can then use our JavaScript Library Features Function (Recommended) or Features API  to push the events/user actions to CustomerSuccessBox

via Integrations

Events/user actions can be pulled to CustomerSuccessBox from any analytics tools you might be using like Segment, Mixpanel or Amplitude. 

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