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FAQs- Health

Q: If an account is in 2 segments & I have set up different healths for different segments? Which health will be applicable to that account?

  • Every account’s health aggregates only once per health run. If an account appears to be in more than one segment then the health for the account will be calculated for the segment which has higher priority amongst other segments. 

Q: How is priority determined for accounts present in more than two segments ?

  • Segment priorities for health calculations can be set by drag and dropping the segment in high to low priority order. 

Q: My health aggregation get completed in the evening next day, it would be great if health and other aggregations are performed before the start of the day.

  • CustomerSuccessBox follows GMT time to measure start and end of the day. And we will have to wait for the day to end (in GMT time) before we start to process the millions of data points we receive for the previous day. And given the scale of the processing it takes a lot of computing power and time for the processing to get over.

Note : Health aggregations can take upto 24 hours to complete.

Q: Why can we not end the day in a custom selected time zone.

  • Since we serve a globally distributed team even for a single customer, this can create a lot of confusion. But we hope to offer that as an option some time in the future. Unfortunately we do not have a release timeline to share at the moment.

Q: Why can't we process it sooner then?

  • Such is the nature of the scale of data we crunch and it takes computing power and time. And we're working on improving the processing times for all the telemetry data and subsequent notifications and triggers that happen as a result of various criteria being met.
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