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Product Enhancements on Rule-Engine, Journeys, Attachments and more..


We have come up with yet another set of product enhancements to enhance our users’ experience while using various modules in the Customer Success Box. These enhancements include changes in Rule Engine, Decision Branches on Journeys, Attachments and many more. Read on to find out more.

Who’s this for?

If you are an admin responsible for configuring CustomerSuccessBox for your team, you are at the right place. These enhancements will provide more flexibility while setting up your configurations.

  1. Increase in look back period for configuration: While creating Segments or Alerts, wherever the “date-field” criteria have to be defined, you will now be able to choose any number of days- 90, 120, 180, 360 days as compared to the previous cap of 90 days. This will help the CSMs or the Account/ Renewal managers prepare to mitigate risks well in advance.

    Examples of some Use-cases that can be catered to using this enhancement:
    • While creating a Risk alert “Drop-in the usage of feature X”, you can tap more than a quarter’s usage by choosing the timeline criteria as ‘in the last 180 days’  and nurture the account to make it renewal ready.
    • While creating a segment of churned accounts also, you can tap on churned accounts in the last 120 days and try to bring them back.
    • While segmenting accounts based on the upcoming renewal, you can now set criteria as ‘renewal due in the next 180 days’ where earlier you could so for ‘next 90 days’ only.
  2. Enhancements in Journeys: Our journey- module helps automate many manual efforts of success managers by empowering them with more time to engage with their customers. To add to this, you can now:
    • Create journeys with decision-based on Success Roles: This is for a scenario where certain decisions had to be taken based on the Team roles. Earlier we had only two roles displayed under “Teams” while creating the journey for account assignment but now all the Team roles that you would have added will be visible.
      Example: If you have Team roles- Onboarding manager, CSM, Renewal Manager and you want 3 different teams to look into the accounts at a different stage of their lifecycle; you can design an account assignment journey as “If an account is created in the last 7 days, assign it to ‘onboarding manager-X’; else if the account created on is between 90 to 180 days- assign it to ‘CSM- in round-robin’; else assign it to ‘Renewal manager’. This will reduce the manual assignment of accounts and streamline the job of different teams.

  3. Addition of both Rolling Period and Calendar Period under date range: While selecting the date range for Features and Modules (When setting up Health, Alerts, Milestones) the following criteria have been added:
    • Current Week
    • Current Month
    • Current Quarter 
    • Last Week
    • Last Month
    • Last Quarter
  4. Term/Contract Start and End Date Added to Subscriptions Tab on Account 360 Page: On each account page, under their subscriptions, you will now find two additional data points: Current Term Ends on and Current Term Starts On, along with the existing data sets. The same has also been added to csv template used to import data manually to CSB.

  5. Custom Look Back Period for Relationship Health: While adding conditions for Relationship Health, you can choose custom days instead of choosing from a fixed list of days.

  6. Advanced Criteria for Integer Type Custom Attributes: While setting up Health, Alerts and Milestones, you can now choose advances options in case of Custom Attributes (Integer Type) as well. You can use this feature when the threshold for the condition you're trying to set, is not known. For example: The condition on the following image defined good health criteria for a customer: When the Number of Enabled Integrations is more than 50% of the Integrations available to the customer.

  7. Support for .pptx files as attachments: We are also supporting the .pptx files to be uploaded in the “Playbook resources” and in the“Attachment-section” on the Account 360 page.

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