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Improved Timeline View with Status Changes Captured


An account can have several statuses other than Active and Informatory attributes. There are forecast statuses, risk tags as well. The statuses keep on changing as the account moves ahead in its lifetime journey. As a customer success personnel, you might want to track these changes and also act upon it. 

Account/CS Managers keep on changing the Status of Accounts to update the progress of an account & might want to remind other team-members of certain activities. 

What has changed?

CustomerSuccessBox now captures the changes in account and subscription statuses. If an account went from Trial to Onboarding, the change will be visible under the account's timeline, indicating that the account changed its status from Trial to onboarding. 

We also display the source and date of the change. CSMs can also search these changes under the timeline with the help of Search Bar present on the top of timeline.

Can I create Segments using this enhancement?

Yes! With these changes now tracking in CSB, these parameters can also be used to setup segments. Accounts changing its status from A to B over X period of time can be segmented together. This can be achieved for Accounts and User segments as well.

Can I set Alerts when a change in the status happens?

Setup alerts for when an account or subscription changes it status from A to B, whether it's a desirable change or undesirable, alerts of the same nature(desired or not) can be configured for such scenarios. An alert may be of Risk type or it may be an up-sell alert, depending upon the change in the status.

Note: CustomerSuccessBox doesn't offers the date range when setting up Alerts

Can I create Lists to increase actionability? 

Lists can be created to increase the visibility of such entities in CustomerSuccessBox, which went under a specific change in status. Those accounts or their users can be enrolled into journeys, exported in a CSV or CSM can take actions on the entities as per the requirements.

What all changes will be visible on the Account Timeline?

When an account changes value under any of these parameters:

  • Risk Scores Modifications
  • Forecast Status Changes

  • Risk Tags Changes

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