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Enhancements In Playbooks

We have made few enhancements in the Playbooks. 

#1 : Switching between Playbooks made easy:

Now, you will now be able to switch between the Playbooks easily.
You can go to the Playbook, at the top left, you will see the drop-down, you can choose the playbook you want to view next.

Switch the Playbook:

#2: Stopping Playbook from Playboard

A common question: When do you stop Playbook?

Answer: When the Account which is active in playbook do not require need to be completing or moving ahead in the steps, may be now playbook is irrelevant for that account, in that case, you could stop the Playbook.

Example: Customer got churn when it was Active in QBR playbook.  In this case, now it is irrelevant to complete the playbook, so you would want to stop the playbook, instead of completing it.

Now, you can stop the Account in a playbook right from Playboard itself.

Steps for stopping playbook from Playboard :

  • Go to Playbook
  • Click on Account
  • On the left drawer, in the Info icon, you will see Stop button
  • Once you click on "Stop" button, you will get a confirmation box.

  •  Once you click on "Stop", all the tasks  which are in Todo status will be deleted & all the tasks which are in-progress  & completed status will remain as it is.

#3: Adding metrics on Playbook view: 
We have added below metric in the Playbook view:

  1. Enrolled: Number of Accounts enrolled in the Playbook so far
  2. In-progress: Number of Accounts that are in progress currently.
  3. Completed: Number of Accounts that have been completed so far.
  4. Extended:  Number of Accounts that have been extended in the Playbook
  5. Stopped: Number of Accounts that have been stopped
  6. Amount: Sum of amount paid by Accounts that have gone through the Playbook.
  7. Average time: Average days to complete the Playbook

How to see these metrics?

Click on the Playbook where you see the list of playbooks

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