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Integrating Google/Outlook Calendar with CustomerSuccessBox


One of the major focus of CustomerSuccessBox is actionability. This article will cover connecting your Gmail/Outlook Calendar with CustomerSuccessBox. Once connected we will fetch all the customer meetings on the CSMs calendar & automatically log it in the Account Logs section of CSBox. CSMs need not manually log the meeting done with a customer..

Who is this for?

This article is for each and every member of the Customer Success team who interact with Users of Accounts created in CustomerSuccessBox.

Why should I connect my Calendar with CustomerSuccessBox?

Connecting your Gmail account to CustomerSuccessBox enables you to

  • Sync all meetings with customers (not internal meetings with team-members) with CustomerSuccessBox
  • View attendees of the meeting (those who accepted the invite)
  • View last touchpoint with Accounts/Users 
  • View every meeting logs in timeline 
  • Search for specific meeting logs on the basis of Event log title, event type, description, user name & email address.
  • Track the Relationship Health with your customers based on meeting logs
  • Get timely Alerts when there has been no communication/touchpoint with the customer over a specified period of time



Due to an increase of scope to Google's ongoing commitment to protecting your data, it is required as of now to whitelist CustomerSuccessBox Gmail OAuth App in your GSuite by adding it as a Trusted App. This step is required to be completed by your G-Suite admin with Super Admin privileges.

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How do I connect my Google/Outlook Calendar with CustomerSuccessBox? 


If you have already authorized your gmail/outlook account in CustomerSuccessBox, you would need to revoke the integration and authorize it again.

This needs to be done to update the integration permissions for CustomerSuccessBox to view all events on your official outlook/gmail calendar.

To start logging meetings directly from CustomerSuccessBox, you need to link your Gmail /Outlook account first. This needs to be done by each CSM individually. To connect your Calendar with CustomerSuccessBox, 

  1. Navigate to Email and Calendar Sync Settings from your Profile Settings on the top-right corner.
  2. If you have already authorized your Gmail/Outlook account in CustomerSuccessBox,c lick on the Revoke Access button to revoke the integration. This is to update the integration permissions for CustomerSuccessBox to view the events in your calendar.
  3. Click on Sync Now
  4. Log-in with your company email-id and password
  5. Check the necessary permissions and click Allow

That's it, you calendar and email integrations is complete!


  • We start fetching calendar events and emails from the current day on connection. All connected calendars sync once every 30 minutes
  • We only bring in calendar events that have already happened and which are associated with Users on an Account
  • As of now we do not sync future calendar events with CustomerSuccessBox

Where exactly can I see the Calendar meetings in Account 360 Page?

Whenever a meeting has been done, you can see the meeting notes in the "Activity" section of the Account timeline.


Note: All the meetings will be fetched in the Event type called as "meeting". But in case, you would to guide a system that it was a "QBR" meeting, you can edit the log.

How can I set up an Alert for my team if QBR is not been done in X days?

Prerequisite for setting up this Alert:

  1. All CSM should have synced their Calendar with CustomerSuccessBox
  2. Every time QBR happens, CSMs will have to convert the meeting to QBR by editing the Event type.

Setting up Alert:

Go to Settings>>> Create a new Alert>> Choose segments to be targeted >> Choose Relationship, in that choose the Logs & QBR touchpoints greater than 1 in last 90 days. 

**This will make sure, that an Alert will be triggered to CSM if they have not done the QBR in last 90 days.**

You can even choose to enrol an Account in QBR playbook if the CSM have not done the QBR.

There are multiple use-cases where you can automate the relationship  Health & your actions towards it. You can set up a meeting with your CSM at CustomerSuccessBox to understand more about it.

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In most cases, you would have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your point-of-contact for any queries or assistance. You may also,

  1. Initiate a chat directly from within CustomerSuccessBox. Use Chat option from Chat icon in the right side navigation bar
  2. Create a conversation from here
  3. Send an email to

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