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Introducing new Alert Board


This article will assist you in understanding the new Alert board & how can you use it effectively to be on top of various triggers generated for customers.

Who’s this for?

This article is for each and every member of the Customer Success team who manages Accounts (directly or indirectly) within CustomerSuccessBox. 


Previously, we included both your Tasks and Alerts in the same board leading to insufficient visibility into all the Alerts generated. Hence, we have now created a separate board specifically for tracking all your Alerts.   

Where can I see all my Alerts now?

Login to you CustomerSuccessBox instance and on the navigation tab, hover over Tasks and Alerts. This is where you will now see a separate board for your alerts.

How can I track all my Alerts?

On the Alerts board, you can now have a list of all your Alerts along with the following information, to help you keep a track:

  • Type: This section is used to identify the type of the Alert generated. CustomerSuccessBox allows you to have 4 types of Alerts: Onboarding, Renewal, Risk and Up-Sell.
  • Name: This section tells you the name of the Alert generated.
  • Accounts: This section tells you the particular account the Alert was generated for.
  • Status of Task: Shows you the status of the Task that was assigned as a result of this Alert being generated. Tasks can be in any one of the following statuses: To Do, In Progress and Completed.
  • Enrolled in Playbook: This section tells you whether an account has been enrolled in a Playbook as a result of this Alert being generated.
  • Created on: Tells us the date on which the Alert was generated.
  • Suppress till: In case any Alert has been suppressed, this section shows the date till which it has been suppressed.

How can I filter my Alerts?

The new Alert board now allow you to filter out your Alerts based on multiple parameters:

  1. Alert Name: Use this filter when you want to filter your list based on the Alert name.
  2. Alert Type: Use this filter when you want to view all Alerts highlighted under a specific type (Onboarding, Renewal, Risk or Up-Sell)
  3. Account: Use this filter when you want to see all Alerts highlighted for a specific account.
  4. Success Role: Use this filter when you want to see all Alerts highlighted for a specific success role. For examples, differentiate between all Alerts raised for CSMs, Account Managers and Onboarding Managers.
  5. Assigned to: Use this filter to see a list of all tasks assigned to a specific individual.
  6. Search Alert: Use the search bar to search for Alerts using specific keywords.

How do I dismiss or suppress Alerts on the new board?

On the new board, on the extreme right of each individual Alert, you can find the option to either Suppress or Dismiss the Alert.

  1. Suppress: Use the Suppress option to change the due date for the Task created for a particular Alert.
  2. Dismiss: Use the Dismiss option to remove the Alert from your board in case no action is needed.

How do I create a Task for an Alert on the new board?

In case an Alert does not already have a follow-up Task created, you can create a Task from the new board to decide the action to be taken. For all Alerts that do not have a Task associated with them, on the extreme right section, you will find an option to create a Task.

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  2. Create a conversation from here.
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