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Product Stickiness

What is Product Stickiness?

Product Stickiness is a measure of what percentage of features are all the Users under an Account utilizing in the past 14 days

How is Product Stickiness Calculated?

Product Stickiness is calculated as : 

Total Unique Features Used (last 14 days) / Number of Features

Total Unique Features Used is the number of unique features used by all Users under the Account in the past 14 days

Number of Features is the total number of events that are being tracked in CustomerSuccessBox. 

For example: 

If a total of 10 features are being tracked in CustomerSuccessBox and all the Users in an Account have used 7 features in the past 14 days -- the Product Stickiness for this account will be 70%

Where can Product Stickiness be used?

Product stickiness can be used for Segmenting Accounts, Defining Health 360 and for setting up Alerts as well. 

For example:

Good Health - Stickiness must be greater than [60 %] in last [1] Day.

Poor Health - Stickiness must be lesser than [20 %] in last [1] Day.

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