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Best Practices: Setting up Playbooks

In any kind of business, implementing processes not only gets good results & optimizes the efforts but also brings predictability. We can call this process - A Playbook to achieve a certain goal.

In the B2B SaaS world, we can define a process internally & make it repeatable so that the CSMs can successfully help their customers to achieve their business outcomes. In Customer Success Practice we usually want to define such ideal paths aka Playbooks for: 

  • Onboarding a customer
  • Nurturing a customer to help them get the best out of the product
  • Successful renewals
  • Trigger for Upsell 

At CustomerSuccessBox: By definition, a Playbook is a series of time-bound activities. It includes Tasks- which your CSMs have to complete, that will help achieve Product Adoption Milestones by all the end-users of the product (not just the Power users/Admin Users) which will eventually be helpful in attaining Business Outcomes.

We can create separate playbooks for different business goals:

  1. Customer Onboarding
  2. Nurturing Playbook
  3. Renewal Playbook / Upselling Playbook
  4. Playbook for onboarding a customer for a particular feature

Onboarding Playbooks

While designing an onboarding playbook, you need to understand your existing onboarding process & divide it into various steps. 

Once the steps are identified, you can put it into either of the following:

  • Tasks - that CSM has to perform. 
  • Milestones- the product adoption milestones 
  • Outcome  - a high-level business outcome that you are expecting your customers to achieve in this step. 

In order to help you configure the playbooks, we have created several Sample Playbooks. You can refer it, customize it & configure it in your CustomerSuccessBox account as per your requirements. 

You can refer to the Best Practices & sample onboarding playbooks for:

You can check, how to configure the playbook in the CustomerSuccessBox or write to in case you have any other queries.

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