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Step 1: Define Entry Enrollment criteria for User Journey


This article will list out the different ways Entry Enrollment criteria(s) for User Journeys can be defined


'Entry Enrollment' criteria define the rule(s) for enrollment of users to a journey. Users can be enrolled in the user journey by defining

  • User segment(s) or User list(s) to track

  • Re-enrollment rule for users

  • Enrollment rule for existing users

Defining Entry Criteria

Follow the steps below to define the Entry criteria for adding Users to a Journey.

Add New Journey

To create a new journey, click on Journeys > Add New Journey. Enter the 'Name' and 'Description' for the new Journey you are creating and click on Save

Setting Entry Criteria

Click on the Set Now button to start defining the Entry Enrollment criteria(s).

Select User Segment(s)

Select the User Segments and User Lists for which Users should be enrolled in this Journey. Note that you can add multiple User Segments and multiple User Lists to the journey. 

When the journey is activated, all User(s) existing/entering in the specified segment(s) and list(s) are considered for enrollment in the journey.

Note: Journey will enroll all users from the segment as well as from the list.


Learn more about Configuring and Leveraging User Segments similarly we can define user list(s). 

Re-enrollment Criteria

After selecting User Segments, you will have to define the re-enrollment criteria. This tells CustomerSuccessBox whether or not the users who have completed the journey, should be re-enrolled to the same journey if they re-enter the enrolment segment(s).

There are three options: 

  • Don't Re-enroll: A user once enrolled will not be re-enrolled after they have completed the Journey

  • Re-enroll every time: An eligible user  WILL BE re-enrolled provided they re-enter the enrolment User Segment(s) for the Journey and they are not already active in the journey.

  • Re-enroll after a specific time period: You can define the number of days after which a user should be re-enrolled. An eligible user will be re-enrolled on re-entering the enrolment user segment(s), provided the defined number of days have passed since its previous exit from the journey.

Bulk Enrollment

If this box is checked, all eligible Users which already exist in User Segments /Lists will be enrolled when the Journey is enabled for the first time in real-time. If not selected, all eligible Users which already exist in User Segment(s)/List(s) will be enrolled once the Journey is enabled in the next scheduled daily sync.  

Saving the Entry Enrollment Criteria

Click Save & Next or Add Action(s) to start defining the Action(s) that need to be performed on eligible Users in the Journey

Contact Us

In most cases, you would have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your point of contact for any queries or assistance. You may also,

  1. Initiate a chat directly from within CustomerSuccessBox. Use chat option from Chat icon in the left side navigation bar

  2. Create a conversation from here

  3. Send an email to


User Journeys: Getting Started


Step 2: Define Action(s)

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